Are you looking for the best leather that exactly meets your customers’ requirements? Maasleder is a source of inspiration, gives advice, and makes its expertise and knowledge available. We do this so you can make the right choices and can rest assured that your leather will be of the finest quality and ideal for your end products in every way. Above all, we like to share our love of leather. The most beautiful product made by nature!”



Maasleder is a leading leather trading company. We deliver top-quality leather that optimally matches our customers’ needs. Thinking along with customers choosing the right type of leather has become our second nature. We can only select the perfect leather together after discussing all the details while enjoying a delicious cup of Italian coffee.


Supplying a high level of quality and service starts with carefully selecting the leather. To obtain the finest leather, Maasleder visits to the most renowned tanneries in Italy, where we inspect each animal hide individually to ensure that the leather meets our strict quality standards. Leather is a natural product and each hide is unique. Keeping our customers’ requirements in mind, we purchase the right leather for every application.


Working with leather since 1926

In the beginning of the 20th century, Waalwijk was the heart of the flourishing Dutch shoe and leather industry. In 1926, Gerrit Maas started a company and called it G.A. Maas Leder.

A great deal has changed over the years, but the founding principles of Maasleder have remained the same. We are driven by our fascination for leather. We never stop learning more about it.

Under the management of three generations of the Maas family, the company has grown to become an international leather trading company. Maasleder has become a name trusted by tanneries and producers of shoes, fashion accessories and leather goods trust. We act as sales agent for various leading Italian tanneries and work internationally with widely diverse customers. In the Benelux, we are the most important supplier of leather for, among other things, orthopaedic shoes.

A few years ago, our company building was completely renovated and extended.

This project has helped us optimise our business operations and will enable us to deliver directly from stock in the future.

“Leather is not mass-produced. Each hide is unique.”


“Each hide used for leather has unique properties.”


For years, Maasleder has been the agent trusted by national and international manufacturing companies to select the leather that matches their needs. Since the beginning of the 1960s, we have represented several leading Italian tanneries. Italy, the country of fashion, design and creativity!


In close collaboration with our agent in India, we import lining leather for various applications. We are mainly specialised in calf hides, but we can also obtain goat, lamb and horse lining leather. As our customer, you can choose from a wide range of colours and thicknesses.


Maasleder is the most important supplier of leather for orthopedic shoe technicians in the Benelux. We offer a wide range of products for shoe uppers and insoles. We are also more than willing to share our professional knowledge and experience to enable shoe technicians to make the right choices together with their customers. Because of the high costs involved in taking measurements and manufacturing orthopedic shoes, the leather has to be carefully selected. Leather is emotion… and that is certainly true for orthopedic shoes.


Maasleder’s five pillars of assurance


Leather is a natural product; its quality depends on a large number of factors. Backed by three generations of professional expertise and experience, and with a keen eye for quality and the right price, Maasleder always supplies leather in the right thickness and suppleness, and in the desired finish and colour. Premium quality leather that optimally meets your requirements in every way. We like sharing our knowledge and giving expert advice.


Maasleder has an exceptionally broad collection of leather in a wide of colours and finishes. In close collaboration with tanneries, we continuously innovate and quickly respond to new developments. As the market leader, we like to surprise our customers with novelties. To view our inspirational mood book that showcases our collection, click here.


We quickly and accurately deliver from our stocks in our warehouse in Waalwijk. It does not matter whether you need a single hide or a large consignment of leather, Maasleder can usually deliver within one working day to guarantee the continuity of your products and production processes.


Maasleder offers the best price/quality ratio. In this way, you are assured of buying the best leather in line with your wishes and budget. Irrespective of whether the appearance, rigidity, flexibility or other properties are critically important, Maasleder always supplies the leather you expect.


We are committed to corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices and forging solid long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers is particularly important to us. In our partnerships with tanneries, we focus on environmental protection and follow the guidelines of the Leather Working Group. We attach great value to good working conditions. Our suppliers are bound by the Code of Conduct of the Leather Industry.


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